Being the shy, awkward girl who didn’t have a lot of friends – theater was the first time I felt like I could open up and be someone I could only imagine to be. I experienced emotions that I hadn’t experienced before. I loved being able to tell stories and make people laugh and feel different emotions. I love acting, performing, and I love what it did for me. It was like therapy to learn, and I wanted to keep learning. It was the one thing where I could take all of the experiences in my life and put it out there.” - Arden Cho

Rihanna arriving at JFK Airport in NY

Rihanna arriving at JFK Airport in NY

Holy Grail - Beyoncé


Really fuck lesbians who refer to bi women as “sexually available to men” (especially as a way to “explain” our high rape stats.)

I want to be clear— my “sexual availability” to someone is determined by my consent and not by my sexuality. The only people I am sexually available to are the people who I choose to have sex with.



No issue with Braeden constantly risking her life for the other characters and literally getting her throat ripped out for them, but her developing feelings and falling in love is apparently ruining her character. 

Again, for the cheap seats: this kind of thinking is a function of White supremacist ideology, because it rests on the notion that Black and Brown/non-White bodies are only worthwhile if they’re useful to the people around them, but under no circumstances whatsoever can or should humanity or the trappings of it be ascribed to them.  It’s the idea of Black and Brown/non-White bodies as pack mules, only good for hard labor and/or emotional wetwork for other people and it’s gross as fuck. Unlearn that shit.